Hotel Alpenstuben

The former farmhouse was owned by the family by 1805 and is one of the first houses in Hohenschwangau. The ruins of today's Hohenschwangau Castle were part of the farm estate and were sold by owner Narziß Heiserer to raise money to rebuild a barn.

In the early 1970s the old farmhouse was demolished by his descendants and rebuilt as a small inn with gift shop now operated by the second generation. Continuous renovations have raised the inn to its current standard.

Hotel Alpenstuben Website

Hotel Alpenstuben

Villa Ludwig Suite Hotel

The old villa dates back to 1899 and was purchased by the Schönauer-Wacker family and has been completely restored.

The romantic and elegant boutique hotel at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle inspires guests with its appealing architecture and stands for high-end casual living surrounded by contemporary design.

Villa Ludwig
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